Abmark is one of the largest laser marking product ranges on the market. Our innovative range of lasers includes the following features:

  • Proprietary software with powerful integration capability.
  • High speed “on the fly” marking.
  • All Abmark lasers are fully network enables and equipped with an on-board .computer eliminating the need for an external PC to control the laser.
  • Advanced TCP/IP communication protocols.
  • Fully integrated motion control with options for both stepper and servo.

In addition we also offer range of advanced laser marking workstations and accessories for both on-line and off-line solutions.

The largest
range of lasers
in the industry

One of the largest product ranges on the market.

Find your laser marking solution.

Our range of lasers includes a large number of Yb:fibre and DPSS lasers to suit most budgets and performance requirements.

We also offer an extensive range of CO2 lasers with configurations to cover many applications including marking, cutting scoring and perforating.

Green and UV lasers complete our range in order to address the need for high resolution marking without generating any thermal impact.

A wide range of laser workstations.

From a small, benchtop model to a large floor standing unit.

Abmark includes a range of laser workstations from a small, benchtop model to a large floor standing unit that features X & Y axes for semi-automatic operation.

All Abstations are class I laser safe enclosures that have been ergonomically designed to be compact, affordable and easy to use.

Comprehensive software range

Easy to use, friendly and powerful solutions

Abmark lasers are easy to use. Our powerful proprietary marking software makes it simple to code and mark precisely and consistently. Our advanced line control software makes it easy to control, manage and optimize the production line.

A wide range of accessories

From 2D to 3D, Fume extractors, Touch Screen and more...

Abmark includes a wide range of accessories to enable solutions to be configured quickly and easily.

  • 3D scan head.  This option transforms the laser from a 2D to a 3D marker.  The high speed 3 axis scanner is able to shift the point of focus instantaneously over a range of ±30mm from the nominal focus position.  The 3D option allows marks to be mapped to regular geometries such as cylinders, spheres and cones.  In addition it is possible to import 3D STP files and warp the mark to fit irregular 3D surfaces.
  • Extraction equipment – a range of fume extractors is offered and can be selected on the basis of extraction volume required and material being marked.
  • Rotary axis – A rotary axis is needed to allow the full circumference of a cylindrical object to be marked.  The rotary axis includes a tilt plate to allow the inside of rings and cylinders to be marked.  As standard the rotary axis is controlled by a stepper driver but there is also an option for servo control for time critical applications.
  • Touch screen – For on-line applications a touch screen is offered as an option.  The touch screen with embedded CPU is able to run a reduced set of the Abmarca software.
  • Focus Finder – is a simple visual aid to facilitate setting the focus of the laser.  Using triangulation techniques a second diode pointer is added to the system which when coincident with the standard pointer diode indicates that the laser is in focus
  • Safety glasses – for those customers choosing to operate the laser in a Class IV configuration a selection of safety glasses and goggles are offered.
  • Hand-held pendant – this device provides a basic but simple interface to the laser where customers choose to limit the amount of access provided to operators for on-line applications.