At Abmark, we are committed to being environmentally responsible; we create solutions that optimise production and profitability, while reducing their impact on the planet. Laser technology is the perfect solution in terms of sustainability:

  • No harmful emissions that can affect people and the planet.
  • No consumables: laser is a clean technology that does not produce waste.
  • Clean: it performs marking and coding without the intervention of consumables such as ink that make a mess of the workspace.
  • Energy efficient: maximum speed and quality of coding and marking with optimal use of energy.

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Comparison of laser marking vs other technologies

Laser marking often has the lowest cost of ownership and is the most environmentally-friendly marking technology.

Marking ProcessSpeedPermanenceFlexibilityCost of ownershipOperating costMark QualityEase of Use
LaserExcellentExcellentGoodLowVery lowExcellentSimple
Chemical EtchGoodGoodPoorLowMediumExcellentDifficult
Mechanical StampGoodExcellentPoorLowMediumPoorAverage
Pin markingSlowExcellentMediumMediumHighPoorSimple
Pad PrintingSlowPoorPoorLowHighExcellentAverage
Screen PrintingGoodPoorPoorMediumHighExcellentDifficult

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